Saturday, 11 August 2007


If you're reading this, then thanks for clicking through. At my late age, I'm actually going to attempt to use some new-fangled (for me) technology, and instead of sending "bcc" emails, I'll post this blog. That way, those who are interested can read this, and those who aren't don't get unwanted messages!

I'll add the health warning that I have no idea how often this will get updated, or if it will be of any use - but, hey, nothing ventured nothing gained. I'll try and avoid navel-gazing, and keep it to facts that I discover in my new path which I think might interest, amuse, appal or intrigue people who know me from old paths. And of course, as an overarching disclaimer, and unless otherwise stated, any views that I express are done in a personal capacity only and do not necessarily reflect any institution or organisation.

Lastly, and as always, please don't be shy about feedback, criticism or mockery!

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